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I have been a Control4 owner now for only a few months after waiting 2 years to finally get the system after I first learned about it. The cost of my Control4 was around $5,000 and my overall project cost was about $15,500. My biggest complaint and high level of disappointment is with the connectivity of the system, either with the home’s modem, router and even the iPhones and iPad. And when I couldn’t listen to music from our new system on my birthday that is when I had enough! Since day one there has been both big and small issues, and at least once a week I have needed to make phone calls the company that installed. A week before my birthday my Apple Time Capsule stopped backing up, then two days later MacBook crashed. To this day neither Apple or I could figure out why, and frankly I don’t really care just as long as everything got restored. But in the process of working with Apple Tech Support I needed to preform a factory reset to our router. Well, this factory reset changed all the network settings they had made, which they never took the time to show me the changes or provide instructions on how to restore the custom network settings. After attempting to restore their settings remotely they informed me that I needed to get a new modem for our Comcast service. All of a sudden, the modem from Comcast was the problem for them to connect Control4 to the network, when just a few days before my laptop and router had crashed it was working just fine. I don’t need to go into details about how much fun it was activating a new, non Comcast supplied router to our home’s internet, but after two days and two phone calls with the last one ending at 1am the modem which the dealer said I needed was up and running at 100%. I tested the new network settings and everything connected perfectly, including the Control4 system. Then 24 hours later my iPhone Control4 app stopped working yet again with ZERO changes made to the network or router. But by this time I was in the middle of an email battle with a very immature kid that holds the title of CEO of the company I just paid $15,000 to! I ultimately was able to get in touch with Control4’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, and they were nice enough to walk me through the process of restoring their app to my iPhone. As I am typing this review I am waiting for a call from the Regional Manager to discuss how their dealer has been representing their products, we will see if I ever get the call and more importantly how it will received.

The reason why I provided this short history description of my latest event is to let future Control4 product researchers and potential new owners know this, once you get the Control4 system you are now in bed with the Control4 dealer. You cannot make changes or troubleshoot your own system, everything that needs to be done with a Control4 system needs to go through their dealers. And if the dealer fails to instruct you on how the system works, fails to instruct you on how to restore the system after it looses power, fails to give the IP addresses, DHCP and NAT configuration, you will have to call them. You will have to call the Control4 dealer for EVERYTHING and you better hope it isn’t some kid with a big title and even bigger chip on their shoulder! Because I am here to tell yea, it will never end well for either party!

If I had know all this about the Control4 system I WOULD HAVE NEVER PURCHASED IT! I will also NEVER recommend the Control4 system to anyone who asks about it. The fact of the matter is this, while it is nice when it is working, it is a bigger pain the @$$ when it is not!! And it always seems to have problems starting Friday night or the middle of the weekend, because lets face it, that’s when we’re using it the most. And when I couldn’t have music for my birthday, that’s when it becomes a major problem for me! If you looking into getting a smart home set up keep looking. In fact there are now plenty of other ways to connect your home’s systems to your smart phones now, for example, Bluetooth speaker systems for multiple audio zones, for your home security, MyIQ for your garage door opener, Phillips HUE for lighting, and just about every wireless alarm company offers home automation now with the use of a smart phone. Save yourself $5000, $10,000, $15,000 or even $50,000 and go with basic smart phone applications for you home, I believe you’ll be much happier in the long run with A LOT MORE money left in your bank account.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of control4s control over my personal system and service aspect. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of control4 system and associated monetary loss in the amount of $15000. Control4 needs to "this needs to be a plug and play system in this day and age, we should not need to call the dealer for every little setting or issue. the customer also needs to be instructed on how to properly operate the system and network settings" according to poster's claims.

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