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My name is michael smith and here's my phone number for anyone to call me: 404-509-2212. This control 4 system is the worst thing I have ever experienced.

Can't get tv or stereo to work, ever. The temperature system has never worked and you cant call up the system remotely, ever, and it never ever, not even once, has worked as advertised, ever. This is big piece of ***. We have a Sonia system that works perfectly at our lake house at lake O'Conner Georgia (only for stereo system).

Our main house is in atlanta Georgia. We spent $40k on the contril 4 control system for our main house. We've now had it 2 1/2 years. It still doesn't work, tv, stereo, always a lot of effort.

My wife don't let me get sonos for our main house because we spent so much money on this piece *** system. We have fights all the time, mostly because it was her idea to have this piece of ***. Also, the company, control 4, won't answer calls when you call to find out why they won't update to something that will work. You might find me on other blogs and internet sights because I'm mad as *** and I'm finally going to get even by letting everyone know how bad this system is.

Btw, I'm from Utah to start with, and am disappointed that a Utah company is so bad. Mike smith.

Review about: Control4 Home Automation System.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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