Control4 Video Home Automation System Reviews

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Product or Service Quality
I have this TERRIBLE control 4 system, for 5 years now and it has had a bunch of issues every day since the first day i got control 4. I do not like it and it's to premature to have any positive rating.I have had so many issues with the Mozaex to watch movies that I have already downloaded. In addition there equipment is very EXPENSIVE and it only last for a short period of time. In addition to all these issues already I have to spend more than...
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We spent $20,000 on a Control4 system for an audio/video installation from Best Buy Geek Squad. 2 years later, it's been a system with constant issues. Whenever we have had a power outage, the system needs to be rebooted by someone trained in the system. We are now not getting our calls/emails answered, and are left with an expensive installation that doesn't work. Is there any company out there that will maintain such a system? Control4 does...
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I didn't like
  • Its unreliability
Cameras (9), full house simple home audio distribution, one room video, pool control, about 2/3 of my homes lighting (3,000 sq ft), a/c control (on one of 3 units) and simple on/off alarm control (no notifications, etc). Keep in mind all products are C4 recommended and compatible. I furnished nothing myself, didn't cheap out, researched vendors and the last one was sent to me from C4 meaning they had him contact me and promised he was one of...
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Client experience and many other ones here has nothing to do with the Control4 hardware. Nowadays, the gear is bulletproof. The user experience has to do with many factors which I will list a few of them bellow: 1. Overal project budget. This is usually a big factor. Case and point: Dealer presents the owner with an estimate, Owner chops the price down and tells the dealer that they will also supply some of the parts. Dealer agrees...
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Had a tech back out and thought it all was fixed...then realized I can't listen to music in the bedroom and the DVD isn't working. Control4 makes everything extremely difficult and frustrating. My friends don't want to come to my house to watch TV anymore since it involves 20 minutes of trying to get the system to work. How can a product be this terrible??!?!? And have you seen the graphics on the App? Shockingly out of date, ugly and difficult...
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