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I have this TERRIBLE control 4 system, for 5 years now and it has had a bunch of issues every day since the first day i got control 4. I do not like it and it's to premature to have any positive rating. I have had so many issues with the Mozaex to watch movies that I have already downloaded. In addition there equipment is very EXPENSIVE and it only last for a short period of time. In addition to all these issues already I have to spend more than... Read more

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I spent over $250,000 with a dealer who was a great used car salesman. Thought he knew everything about Control 4 and sub products to attach to it. Sold my husband and I on everything. Control 4 reps and customer service were at first compassionate but only wanted to help their dealer. The dealer out of Kingsland Texas SStn is a family run business who are great at promising the world, but once they got their money from the contract, they... Read more

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We spent $20,000 on a Control4 system for an audio/video installation from Best Buy Geek Squad. 2 years later, it's been a system with constant issues. Whenever we have had a power outage, the system needs to be rebooted by someone trained in the system. We are now not getting our calls/emails answered, and are left with an expensive installation that doesn't work. Is there any company out there that will maintain such a system? Control4 does... Read more

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I have had constant issues with my $10k+ Control 4 system since the day it was installed about 2 years ago. I had lights going on and off themselves, switches not working, icons disappearing, in and out control of basic TV connections...your name it and it went wrong. Their "Air Play" by the way is the worst of all the products. I got so fed up trying to explain all the issues I had to the techs just to try to schedule an appointment that I... Read more

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I can't agree with this review. I'm now looking for my fourth service dealer. Last one was recommended by C4 themselves. Unlimited budget... Meaning no cost cutting whatsoever. But even a simple light switch... I've had to replace 3. I replaced the first controller as the first one was making rackets like an out of balance washing machine. Doorbell with camera/speaker rarely works. I have $45K invested already and it still is a hit and miss... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 18
  • #850449

It's a piece of ***. Spent 25K and the darn thing is riddled with problem. And you can't fix it yourself.....a good luck getting the tech to come in!

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  • From mobile
  • Apr 30
  • #839334

We would not use control4 ever again ...we went to parade of homes in Billings mt...should have not gone would have saved 13,000.00 and counting nothing works and they want $85.00 an hour to fix anything Run...

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Client experience and many other ones here has nothing to do with the Control4 hardware. Nowadays, the gear is bulletproof. The user experience has to do with many factors which I will list a few of them bellow: 1. Overal project budget. This is usually a big factor. Case and point: Dealer presents the owner with an estimate, Owner chops the price down and tells the dealer that they will also supply some of the parts. Dealer agrees... Read more

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Worst system ever. Cost us over 60,000 and it has never worked. Trained technicians are few and far between and have cost us thousands in maintenance. Wish I could just take this piece of *** out of my house

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Spent $25K on my system and despite frequent visits from a tech, which are in themselves almost impossible to get, my system has never functioned 100%. Called to get the surround sound working in the living room but after the visit the AppleTv doesn't work in the Kitchen. Had a tech back out and thought it all was fixed...then realized I can't listen to music in the bedroom and the DVD isn't working. Control4 makes everything extremely difficult... Read more

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